Beer-To-Go Signed into Law!

Great news in the great state of Texas! As many locals would be quick to tell you, there has been a long antiquated law in Texas that prohibited breweries from selling their beer to-go. This is really a restrictive law and was held up by corporate lobbying from Wholesale Beer Distributors, who stand to feel the impact of less demand for craft beer delivery to places like gas stations and supermarkets.

All of this, however, has now changed thanks to the passing of House Bill 1545, which will allow for all breweries in Texas to be able to see their beer to go (up to 1 case per person per day), without needing to also serve food. So called “brewpubs” have been able to sell beer to go due to a sort of loophole in the law.

Governor Greg Abbott was at Austin Beerworks on Saturday to sign the bill into law. The Texas Craft Brewers Guild cheered the new law, having been a strong advocate in its creation, adoption, advance in the Texas House and Senate, and through to it’s signing into law.

What does this all mean for brewery tours in Austin? Well, on the Bat City Brew Bus, we have a nice ice sink ready to keep your beer-to-go purchases cold so you can enjoy them on the trips between visits! We hope to see you soon!

Greg Henny