Why Book a Brewery Tour?

This is certainly the most pressing question we receive in regards to our business. Simply put, why would I book your brewery tour when there are so many options available. Our friends at the Maine Brew Bus have recently compiled compelling reasons to choose a brew bus tour, and we have found that most of those options apply here for Austin brewery tours as well!

I can just walk to all the breweries around Austin.

You certainly could! There are a number of breweries that are within walking distance from one another. In fact, most of our tours will include a stop at one of them! While we do agree that these centrally located breweries are great in that they’re so close to one another, you’d be missing out on some lesser-known fantastic craft breweries that are located all around Austin! There are more breweries in Austin than in any other Texas city, so don’t limit yourself to only a few!

Also, it gets hot in Texas. Like, really hot. Our bus is as cold as that crisp, refreshing brew you’ll be enjoying at each stop along the way!

I can just Uber/Lyft/E-Bike/Scooter to all the breweries I want to see.

Let’s get this first thing covered - it is NOT a good idea to drink and scooter/e-bike. Yes, Austin has incredible transportation alternatives in recent years, including these shared dockless modes of transportation, but please do not drink and ride them. We’re here to help you get to each brewery safely and we take that very seriously. Let us do the driving!

Uber and Lyft are great options in populated city centers, offering quick and affordable rides from A to B. However, you’ll find that when you want to tour several different locations, that cost can really start to add up, especially if you want to try a location that is further away. Our tour typically will span the city quite a bit so your transportation costs will be static and it won’t matter how far we drive!

Also, we all hate needing to leave that one member of our group behind in their own Uber or Lyft because they couldn’t quite squeeze into the first car. Everyone will fit on our bus! Not only that, our bus is far nicer on the inside than any old car or van. You’re going to find the rides between the breweries as some of the best parts of the tour!

Also, we’ll give you snacks and water. You only get that in like, 1 out of 50 rideshare drivers.

We can just rent our own limousine/bus service.

As mentioned above, I promise it won’t be as nice on the inside as ours! You’ll also find the cost of these services to come out more than what we charge. The reason being is that these services will charge by the hour, so you’re going to find yourself in a time crunch to keep costs low. Our tour is laid back and relaxed. We’ve organized it in such a way that nothing will be rushed and you can fully enjoy yourself.

When a brewery sees our bus roll up, they know that the guests are there to not only enjoy their beer, but truly are interested in their individual business and brewing technique and styles of beer, and there is a staff that cares about the whole experience going smoothly. When a limousine or party bus rolls up to a brewery unannounced, the staff just groans. We establish and build very personal and deep relationships with each brewery and they know when we’re coming. This ensures that your visit is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

We can just walk into breweries and buy the flights ourselves.

I sat here for a bit trying to figure a good way to word this, but the folks at Maine Brew Bus just have it perfect, and it totally applies 100% to an Austin brewery tour with Bat City Brew Tours.

Exploring our craft alcohol scene can be very overwhelming as a visitor. The great thing about a Brew Bus tour is that you can take many variables away. No need to plan where you go next, we have it covered! Don’t know where you are? Well, you don’t have to worry, the driver knows the route and just follow the guide. Need to use the bathroom? We know where those are in each spot as well. The pressure to plan every step is lifted off your shoulders, even if just for a few hours.

We truly believe that you will have an unforgettable experience on our tours, as we are true lovers of all things local in Austin and are here to help it thrive in our own little way. We hope to see you on a tour soon!

Greg Henny